Sunday, December 21, 2008

Character Designs

Some IPs for the mobile phone space developed at abode..namely Ipdi Apdi, Postman, Taala Shankar and Potty Baba.
Also tucked along are a couple of e-posters done for Kolkata Knight riders during IPL season 1.
An interesting concept developed while at abode was that of the 'International Cricket School' (ICS) - where all cricketers star as toddlers, with cute and quirky attributes related to their famous on field personas...for ex. while inzi's fond of eating eggs, afridi and dhoni are fond of breaking them on each other's head, ponting tries hard to be a bully while murali's a magical kid, dravid likes to stay still so that he grows up to be the wall, and sachin ofcourse would have Godly powers....

an Arjuna (with some different skill sets) was about to strike the animation space...hasn't yet.. this was during my first couple of weeks at A Bellyful of Dreams Entertainment (abode) studios
..the idea was to partly humourize the characteristics and specialities of a few iconic characters of Mahabharata and the circumstances where they interact, and retain some of their inherent flavours create a universe that could be explored through animation (largely intended for mobile phones) and comic books.
Arjuna, for example here, while trying to gain more popularity by deliberately keeping his eyes off the target while shooting all the time, has formed a bad habit of missing the target if he eyes it. Another version, more up to date with the present world, has all the potential to become the kid's favourite, with his rubberband-paper shooting expertise.

an attempt at some other worldly beings, the Terrans ..from Terra..for a comic book, titled 'Walk In' at Virgin Animation, Bangalore (2006) ........the comic book pages are from a backstory of 'Devi' for the Shakti Line of Comic Books, Virgin.

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