Friday, April 30, 2010

These, let me tell you, are/were two of the most dangerous vampires you can imagine...luckily still within the boundaries of vision of the envisioner (who's not me thankfully)! One sucks the soul out of kids, the way they normally suck blood.... and the other one riding the horse, takes it away from there to some unknown destination! On top of that there's another type that does an equally ghastly act initially before handing it over to the sucker, but i've decided to keep it to myself... :) Other than the fact that kids would be adviced to watch this movie (whenever it takes that form!) under strict parental guidance, almost everything about the project remained utterly confidential....hope you can imagine the utter confusion that egged me to use such happy colours for almost both of them!!

Vaghrapada.......this, and a few more unfinished and unpresentable ones were for a film which is yet to see the light of the day..
These samples are few of my final endeavours at A Bellyful of Dreams Entertainment, where I worked from jan 2007-sept 2008 on concept arts for feature films to be produced by abode studios, and mobile phone and internet contents (which involved character designs and short animations) produced by abode

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fulcrum said...

colors are more trippy than happy :) the second one is very vampire-like though.. both can be scary. good stuff