Sunday, December 5, 2010


'Many a time this tale was told
In every land the legend unfolds
When the times are bleak and the earth spells doom
A tiny savior finds life in her womb..'

some of the initial explorations for the King's character..

The principal characters of the film - the nine inched Ebegetiya .. the 15 year old energetic, gutsy, streetsmart protagonist (ebeget=approx 9 inches), and the scary, cruel, malicious but dumb, and stupid King.

Ebegetiya comes face to face with the King in his court a couple of times and on each instance the King's fooled by Ebegetiya into doing something that would in a way bring about his own downfall finally..

the bunch of commoners who become one of the first victims of Ebegetiya's wit and presence of mind

a scene that occasions some arbit fun after a seemingly huge tragedy, and later proves to be quite significant a point in the story as well.

King's league of soldiers.. who don't look short of character or intent, but were disarmed, weakened and finally annihilated by the King's foolishness and greed

I worked on this project (2009-10) for CFSI with a Delhi based Company. It's quite close to my heart as it is an Assamese 2D Animation film based on a famous Assamese folk tale called 'Ebegetiya'. I adapted and added to the story to make it friendlier to the medium we wanted to give it form through, and took it forward into a 22 min script with a flavour of a film in a longer format. The entire visualisation and pre-production process was fun mostly due to the realisation of the fact that I was giving a tangible visual form to the memories I had, to the pictures I used to form in my mind of the story when it used to be repeatedly told to me in my childhood. I'll try and take you through some of my explorations throughout the pre production process.

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